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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before & After.

I found an old picture of myself that I took in the mirror that I had probably taken to try and impress my ex-wife who I was married to at the time. Looking at it now I realized how far I have come in working out. Though the picture was taken exactly a year ago today, and the new picture next to it was taken today, I did not start working out until mid January. I originally started working out to combat depression at the time and just started doing it to give me a hobby, something to get my mind off of things. It worked wonders. The exercise was very therapeutic, the hard fast movements released much aggression I had at the time. It also gave me confidence. Now, I continue with the workouts almost daily just as something I enjoy doing. I have continued through with it because I really do have fun keeping up with it, I look forward to being out in Codys garage with my guys, telling stories and jokes, and competing with them. Anyways, I am going to be itching like crazy for the next week. Codys Gym, $299 a month! Just kidding, but come for join us, you will enjoy it.

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