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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Carls Jr.

So we just got back from taking the kids to the Carls Jr. by Edwards. We met some of Aubs friends there who also have kids. The play area there is HUGE! Its like half the size of Planet Kid. Noah loved it. Mad Dog had fun but got stuck and scared so I had to go rescue her. Bucket said it was the loudest place he has ever been. But I think that the concert at the Blues Bouquet when he was in utero was louder. He had a frown on the entire time. I took Mad to the tallest slide in there which was actually way up there. On our venture we found a little house of mirrors and she got alittle confused and thought she found a friend who looked just like her. I ripped my pants that Aub just fixed assiting her Mad down the slide. Now we left that noisy place so Atticus could come home and sleep with his water sound blazing. He likes that. Or his Jungle Music. The big kids were coaxed to nap with candles in their hands.

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