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Friday, January 30, 2009

Joe Ledbetter Toy

So I have kind of been into collecting fun Vinyl Toys. I got into a lot with Kidrobot toys. I love the way vinyl feels, it has a smooth but slightly rough texture. It also has a very unique smell, you can ask Aubrey, I smell them all the time.

Well I have seen these toys done by a certain designer named Joe Ledbetter, he has a way of making them look like a drawing on a flat surface but also using some three dimensional aspects with shading. I really like the way they look but they are very collectible, making them very expensive.

Well Tom and I went shopping downtown today and at Record Exchange they had the Unicornasaurus doll. I was surprised. They had a few. I looked and they were selling it for only twenty bucks. Online it sells for fifty. Hahah oh Record Exchange. They have some other different ones there I would like, I am going to wait a few weeks and see if they get marked down.

Oh, Aubrey has been calling it my "My Little Pony" doll.

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