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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stories from this house

Our house is behind a little Dominos Pizza. Between us and Dominos is a little empty dirt field that curves a little out of site of the street. When we first moved in I was on our deck and I could see a yellow cruiser that looked as if someone had ridden it into the dirt field and ditched it. I waited about a week checking on it everyday to see if it had been claimed. After enough time had passed I walked over there and grabbed it and walked it back to our garage. Upon inspection I saw that it worked fine and not only that, both the tires were full. Aubrey needed a bike but this one just wasn't very comfortable at all. So what to do? I posted it on Craigs List for $75. That next day I got called by ten different people all interested. I was very nervous because the way I found the bike it looked as if it had been stolen, ridden to that field and left there as the thief pursued on foot. I thought maybe whos ever bike it was might have seen it on Craigs List and was planning on meeting me with a police officer at my address. Out of the ten people who called I chose the first guy who called.
Our house is hard to find so I set the bike outside in view and I sat in the garage while I waited for the guy to show. Thats when a cop drove by and waved at me and parked just past our house on the street. I got super nervous and ran inside and stared out the window. The cop never got out. I was getting stories ready in my head when the cop did get out and went across the street. Oh my.
The guy finally came and was in love with it and bought it to surprise his wife with. I continued to get calls about it until I finally removed it from Craigs List.

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