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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Atticus High Chair

My old co-worker Jose saw an old high chair getting thrown away across the street from his house. He brought it to work one day and gave it to me. I decided that I would clean it up for Atticus when he was big enough for it. I strapped it to my bike with 6 or 7 bungee cords and headed home. It sat in the garage for a few months but now that Atticus is getting bigger and eating a little we pulled it out and cleaned it up. It still needs new pads and he is still a little small for it but we are ready. Maddie likes standing on her tipie toes to look at him. The big kids are always so curious when he tries new things.

Maddie and Noah refer to Atticus' food as 'Boobs' which is true, it just sounds funny. Well today for dinner I was using Atticus as a toy and pretending he was eating Maddies food. Noah and Mad both thought it was so funny, while laugh and waving her hands Maddie said "...hahhahaboobshahha..." It was pretty funny.

They kids do so many funny things but then when you try to repeat them or blog about them the jokes never have the same impact, oh well.

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