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Friday, February 27, 2009

feburary the 27th

Aubrey goes to get her tattoo completely finished, hopefully. Its been a long time in the making, I bet it will be a good feeling to have it done. Atticus and I will probably cook some of our free beef from Les Schwab while shes gone.. I still have to do some peer-edits in English, but peer-edits are so lame that it makes procrastinate. I should try to do those while Atticus naps.

I took a Comm test last night, it was harder than I was expecting. The class is a really fun class. We get to do a lot of interesting activities and I learn stuff I can put to use in my own life. The teacher is a friendly guy, like a nice neighbor. Math is giving me trouble but I know I can prevail. There is a lot to the class; online homework, paper homework and stuff in class. I have a test coming up in Sociology I need to study for, I am nervous for that. English is getting fun. I wrote a paper and Aubrey helped me out a lot and it turned out really good I think. That was a relief because I wasn't looking forward to the paper.

I can not believe it is Friday already. Now that I am not working the weeks fly bye. We have the kids cousin Peyton's birthday this weekend. I am looking forward to that. Letting the kids play while I eat a lot of food. Supposed to take the kids to play with Noble this weekend too. Hope that works out.

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