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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A hat I lost

I used to have a really cool hat that I bought online for too much. I was so in love with it. It fit perfect and it was different than other hats out there. It had a thick cloth stretched around it. I went to wear it a few weeks ago and couldn't find it. I searched our house and never came across it. Aubrey and I both have a faint memory that I took it off at some store? It was around Halloween time so maybe when I tried on a Halloween mask to show the kids I forgot to put the hat back on. I tried calling all the places we had been to that month, asking for the lost and found department having to say things like, '...its a hat that looks like an old persons couch..' or ' looks like curtains from a fancy hotel..'

I have been looking online recently for it again but am having no luck. Here is the last known picture of me wearing it. The picture was taken at Noahs 3rd birthday party. I become very sad when I see it. Peanut should know how much I hate losing hats. Huh?

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