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Monday, February 16, 2009

Maybe I should leave it to the artists

Aubrey, Atticus and I went to the Starbucks on Broadway to meet a guy who wanted to buy the two hoodies I posted on Craigslist(I put up some pictures on the blog post just before this). The Broadway Starbucks is tiny, and full of people studying or doing homework. Honestly every single person there was studying. We walked in with two bright hoodies, one baby, no homework and sat down. The guy finally showed up and he wasn't what I would have pictured. Nice guy, nothing wrong with him. I just tried drawing conclusions from what he sounded like on the phone and from what he was buying. Making money is alright with me though.

I drew a Mini Munny to go with Aubreys Mini Munny. She drew a boy so I tried drawing a girlfriend for him. I should leave stuff to the artists. Here are pictures of and old one I finally finished and my new one....

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