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Monday, February 23, 2009

The twentythird

I made a bag of old clothes that I grabbed as Aubrey, Atticus and I headed out the door to Savers. We go every Monday because Monday at Savers is 99 cent day. On our way to Savers we saw a chair(picture) out front of St. Vincents, another thrift store. Aubrey has been wanting a chair in this style, so for $8 it was worth it. This is a work in progress because she is going to reupholster it.

At Savers I found some sweet pants(picture) and Aubrey found a cool old book about crafts. We were walking back to the car and saw we had an 'almost-flat'. We had been planning on getting new tires for the Jeep and this finally made us go do it. We went down to Les Schwab and bought four new tires and I got free beef(picture) with it! We went next door and ate at Arbys while we waited. Atticus hid in the corner of the booth(picture) but I found him.

When the picture is this way it looks like a restaurant booth.

When the picture is this way it looks like a futuristic slide!

When we got home I decided to make some old slacks that I never wear into Cut Off Slack Capris(2 pictures) for the summer, I am excited for those.

My tattoo is healing really well. It looks so much better, the first picture didn't do it much justice. I will take a new picture in a few days.

Look how tall I have grown! (I took this picture of myself, Aubrey said that I looked like a homeless person who had gotten a pair of new sneakers. I had to take a picture to see if it was true, it wasn't)

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  1. You jerk! You made fun of me when I made my cut-off capris