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Monday, March 2, 2009

march already!

Its Monday, Mondays is our day for Savers. I found two books(pics) that I am excited for. The rest of the stuff was pretty much picked over.

Aubrey hasn't been feeling very well the past few days so when we got home I took Atticus on a walk to give her some quiet time. Atticus loves going on walks, the sounds, Dad staring at him. It was such a nice day today as well. Atticus and I walked to the dollar store to buy Easter candy, mmmm. When Atticus and I got back Aubrey had started painting her chair. As I posted before we found an old Victorian chair for $8 that she wants to paint and put fabric on. Today was her first day working on the and I can tell it is going to look really good.

In my English 101 class I had to write a recent paper that I was not looking forward to. Aubrey gave me some really great ideas that really pulled the paper together and gave it shape. After I started writing the paper I started liking the way it came out. I turned the paper in on Friday. I checked my CWI e-mail today and my English teacher sent an e-mail to the entire class, its a big online class, suggesting that the class read three papers she really liked. One of them was mine! I was so happy!

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