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Thursday, March 5, 2009

march fifth

I finished 'Eleanor Rigby' by Douglas Coupland today while Aubrey and Atticus napped. It was a good book. I enjoyed reading it very much. I am going to start 'Then We Came to the End' by Joshua Ferris next whenever I have time. I might wait a few days because I have some school reading to do.

I am about to go to my final tattoo appointment to get my lemons colored in. I am excited to get them done. Hopefully I am not too sore afterwards because Atticus has a doc. appointment and then I have class.

I got a Communications test back this week and I got a low 'B' on it. Which in my book is good. Most of our grade in that class comes from assignments anyways. Aubrey scored so high on the test that she got extra credit. She IS a Communications graduate from BSU and she is really smart anyways.

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