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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tree Man

Last night Aubrey and I watched a TLC documentary about a guy in Indonesia nicknamed 'The Tree Man'. He actual name was Dede. He had a virus in his body that came out as warts. The warts grew really fast, and spread all over his body very quickly. The warts grew a waste product that looked like bark. His hands and feet really looked like large branches or roots or an old tree.

I went into this knowing that I don't deal well with bodily stuff, but I was far too curious to see what it was. The show showed the operation where surgeons tried removing the excess, and whew, I had to leave the room a few times. I felt overwhelmed after watching it, I wanted to read or do something but my mind would not focus. I laid in bed last night silent, my mind now allowing me to think about anything else. I wasn't looking forward to the bike ride along the Green Belt this morning either. It really made me realize how lucky I am.

I guess it was a case of 'Curiosity Killed the Cat'.

Then I came how today to a beautiful wife and a big sleeping baby. I peeked in on him sleeping to see his eyes fluttering and he kept smiling in his sleep. I guess he fell asleep in his Bumbo chair eating big baby food.


  1. That's how I felt about Requiem for a Dream.

  2. Today I got to watch one of the initial Da Vinci operations. Da Vinci is a giant robot with four arms that is used to perform surgeries. It is driven by a surgeon who is sitting at a computer using joysticks and looking through what looks like binoculars. The operation was to remove a malignant prostate. It's too bad you can't stomach that stuff, cause it's amazing to watch the intricacies of the human body blown up on an HD screen.