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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Being Manager

This week my manager at work went on vacation and left me in charge of the shop, the customers, and what the guys need to do. Before this week I have only worked a week and a day over the past three months. In turn I became out of the loop with jobs being done, new and old customers and so on. Then this week I came back to be in charge of it all. I now am now helping customers, arranging jobs on the production floor in a good order for us and for the customers. It has turned out to be a lot of fun, the guys have been very cool and respectful. I went into it assuming they would have been giving me a hard time and messing with me. It has been incredibly slow this week too though, which made it easier on me with the lack of new material coming in. We did have a big order to get out by a set time, and that has been on and off stressful but we have it in line now. During my days I am either super busy all at once or I have nothing to do and get to sit in my temporary office and relax. It has made me worn out, even though I am doing much less physical labor than I normally would at work. I guess that makes sense because recently I have just been at home, not doing anything physical too much. We have all worked as a highly efficient team at work this week so far and have flown through all our work and now it looks like there won't be any to do next week. I am sure I will have to wait a few more weeks before I can go back to work full time again, if ever. I am starting to wish I could do this week every week.

Math is getting crazy tough, and its super duper scary. Its only basic algebra too!

I have lots of homework this week as well and I know I need to do it before the weekend hits because it will be a busy one. Easter egg hunts, more Easter egg hunts, and Easter dinner. MMMMM candy.

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