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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big thanks to Cody and Sam and Noble

Yesterday Cody and Sam babysat at the last minute for us. We were very appreciative, because skipping math even once makes you very behind. I am sure Atti How How was a complete handful, but when we got there Sam had him sleeping in her arms. Noble is SO cute, he kept giving Aubrey and I snarly faces when we dropped our baby off. He knew we bring the fussy baby who steals his moms attention. Noble has a SWEET clip high chair thing, makes him look like he is floating. We need one. Cody and Sam gave Atticus a huge box of new clothes as well. Thank you guys, if you ever want us to babysit Noble we would be more than happy, we would enjoy it. Hopefully we can make it to Nobles birthday party but we will be very busy all day on the 25th getting ready for the wedding since 3/5th's of our fam is in it. Happy Birthday Noble is we don't see you then!

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  1. lol Noble kept making that face to me too, he's a silly little boy!