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Friday, April 24, 2009

the good, the bad, the long

Starting today Aubrey had to get up early to go get her nails done for the wedding she is in tomorrow. I took Atticus to my work to get my paycheck and spent an hour there because everyone was obsessed with him. After we got home he napped for a bit, then it was time to go get his mom from her nail salon.

Around Christmas last year when we were super broke Aubrey made some stuff on her sewing machine and sold it online. She made enough money to surprise me with a iPod and one for herself. It was so cool, and such a surprise and we use them all the time. We were able to hook them up to our car stereo, be bought a in home stereo for Atticus that our iPods hook into, and I used mine on my bike everywhere.....

Well when I went to get Aubrey from her nail appointment I left both our iPods laying next to each other in the center console and thought about it for a second, then left them. After we paid and came out to the car, both were gone.....
LAME! It would have been different if someone would have broken into the car and stolen them, but my stupid ass left them in plain sight in an unlocked car. Pisses me off, I could have done something to prevent it. I was so disapointed, and still am.

We went and got Atticus a totally sweet outfit for the wedding tomorrow. Then we went and picked the big kids up. We took them straight to the wedding rehearsal. Noah is the ring bearer and Mad is a flower girl. Noah is taking his job super serious and is going to do so well. Maddie, not so sure but it will be fun anyways. We went back to Chelsi and Dans for dinner, SOOOO good. Steak, crab mmm
We stayed there late and all three kids were good. Gotta do it all again tomorrow for real this time.....~!

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