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Saturday, April 11, 2009


I like algebra, I decided. I almost failed it in high school but I still liked it. I just didn't understand it. I don't totally understand it now, but I like it. I feel I am finally catching on though. Aubrey and I showed up late to one of our classes and missed the instructions on how to do the following chapter, so we attempted the homework alone, and we did a good job.

I had to write a paper due last night comparing/contrasting two cigarette ads, one geared towards men, one towards women. I pointed out that Joe Camels face is very phallic.

We are getting family portraits done, very soon. (I was going to put the date there but I forgot the date, Aubrey has probably told me a few times, I forget). I needed new jeans for the picture so we went to Old Navy. I looked through all the mens jeans and picked a few out. Then I remembered that when Francis and I used to shop Old Navy we would shop in the boys department to save money, we could fit in boys stuff. I picked two pants out of there. I found out I can't shop the boys section anymore.

The kids have an Easter egg hunt today. Should be fun, I hope the weather is nice.

No work next week. ;(

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