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Sunday, April 5, 2009


So it looks to finally be warm enough to get out there on our bikes today. I have been waiting forever for this. Noah has been riding his bike in the wind and cold now for the past few weeks because he doesn't mind.

Pilly is cuttin' some teeth, hence the name.

This next week my manager is going to be gone so he asked if I could work and do his job. So I get to be the boss of all the guys at work, help customers, and sit in his office on the computer, maybe doing homework. Then Sunday is Easter, I am hoping the kids get lots of candy, I have been craving it like crazy lately. We are going to an Easter egg hunt next Saturday with all of Aubreys friends, that should be lots of fun. Then I think Easter dinner at my parents with all the kids.

I found out we are going to miss Noble's birthday party because we have Aubreys sisters wedding that day. Noah, Maddie and Aub are in the wedding so it will be a busy day. I am looking forward to it though, it is going to be a huge wedding!

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