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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding 2.0

I had the boys yesterday, getting them ready while Aubrey had Mad dog getting their hair done and doing Brides Maids stuff with Chelsi. All of us were in the wedding with the exception of Atticus so we had to be at the CW Moore building early. I ended up getting a job of walking my Grandmother in Law and Mother in Law down the isle. Noah did such a good job being the bearer of rings, he walked so slow. Maddie was really good being a flower girl, ditching her little cousin behind her in the isle though. It was a really nice wedding, Aubrey looked so beautiful in her Brides Maids dress.

Maddies life revolves around her naps, when she needs them and when shes going to get her next and how long the previous one lasted. Yesterday we didn't have time for a nap for her. At one point she was falling asleep sitting up in a chair. Both kids somehow kept their energy and were very well behaved. They were the first ones to dance and the last ones to stop. Many people came up and told me how well behaved they were being the entire time. Chelsi really wanted Maddie to sing for her on the mic so Maddie, with no hesitation, sang 'You are my sunshine, my only sunshine' the whole song for 250 drunk Basque people. Ha haha it was so adorable to see. It happened so quick we got no videos or pictures. The DJ loved how she changed the part of 'you make me happy though skies are gray' to 'you make me happy...those guys are gray'.

I had lots of fun, everyone did, Atticus had a back room to sleep in. He slept through the entire ceremony. The cake was SOOOOO good, it was a rainbow cake with those candy dots in it, with this tough frosting. MMMMMMM

I found how to update my Blogger with pictures from my celly!

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