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Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun with Anagrams

I had a shirt that I really liked but it was just too big so I tried selling it on Craigslist but it never sold. I then cut it up and made a hat out of part of it that I posted earlier, but this time I added parts of it on to a white shirt. The part of the old shirt with text on it says 'No one is ever the same after' I rearranged the letters, using all of them, to spell out 'Satan vomits on here freeee'

I used lots of craft glue that I was hoping would hold the letters in place even through washes, even though the bottle specifically said that it would not. I didn't want them to fall off! I then, with Aubreys help, tried using our sewing machine to sew the letters down but with the glue so thick it kept getting stuck and in turn ripped the shirt! My fault.

We have a YMCA membership now for our entire family for only $22 a month and that includes babysitting for Atticus if we want to work out during the week. We have been going to the down town Y but we can also use the West Y and also the Caldwell Y, which is close to Nampa which we are thinking of moving to. Aubrey and I worked out yesterday for 45min or and hour and Atticus was good the entire time. He was watching some kids play checkers. After we worked out we picked up the bucket and took him swimming. He loves splashing the water, grabbing at people who swim by, and yelling very loudly. I have to wait 4 more months to take him down the slide with me. We are planning to take Noah and Maddie if they are good for family pictures this Saturday.

Oh! Oh! 50% everything sale this coming Monday at Savers!

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