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Saturday, May 30, 2009

June First Two Thousand and Nine

On Monday, Aubrey and I will have been married one year exactly. The year flew by so quick. It was a very busy year with a new baby, new house, and school starting and jobs ending, and potty training and just everything keeping us busy. I love my wife so much, and I have loved being home these past few months with her. (I am trying to type this while Noah watches Handy Manny and Maddie continually asks for 'Logart', which is yogurt, even though she just ate not to long ago. Mommy is at a baby shower for her cousin who is due with twin girls.)

Aubrey is such an amazing woman and I am so glad that she is my wife. So gorgeous, so beautiful and looks more stunning everyday. She is so stylish, and is able to make her beautiful self so hip, stylish, unique, and make all the other girls jealous of her style. Aubrey is so much fun to be with, which I am almost all day everyday and I enjoy every moment of it. She has a sense of humor that I wish I possessed myself, and a sense of spelling that I wish I had. You are so smart too, and creative and have very strong common sense, which I also wish I had. You have put up with many hard times, but at the same time we have had plenty more wonderful times together. I know that we will have plenty more great times together down the rode. I know that we both have school starting Monday as well, and we don't have much money, but seeing you, and being with you is gift enough. That sounds very clique and cheesy but it is very true. I love you!

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  1. I didn't get my laptop back until this morning so I'm a couple days late but congratulations!!! I'm really happy for you two.

    I too am jealous of Aubrey's style and crafting abilities.