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Monday, June 1, 2009

Cold Gravy

Aubrey won a $75 off a $100 purchase at So basically it was a 75% off coupon meaning that we could get $100 worth of Old Navy clothes for $25. We went today early, right when they opened. Aubrey needed some summer clothes, so she shopped around and I picked up a pair of shorts. Our total came out to be $107, then the lady rang up the coupon. The computer did its work and the laid said, 'Ok, you only owe us $1.03'. We paid and left. Both Aubrey and I were amazed, we just got $107 worth of Old Navy clothes for one dollar and three cents! We thought that the cashier had done something wrong, but upon closer inspection of the recpiet, everything was legit! We were both confused and still are, but the reciept shows every garment only costing a few cents each, totaling the $1.03 we paid. Hmmm.

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