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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dominos Dumpster for the last time.

I have been using the Domino's dumpster like crazy these past few days as we have been moving out. While packing we are constantly finding things we prefer not to take to our new home. I filled their dumpster so high the other day with our junk that they blocked the dumpster for a good chunk of the day with one of their trucks. Packing has been going pretty smoothly, except that I decided to use duct tape instead of packing tape, cheap duct tape at that. Tomorrow we go sign our lease, then we are dropping off the Atticus, getting our U-haul and first picking up our new couches, then heading here to load up. It should not take too long, I hope. I was just informed it might rain. ;( Then we will be Caldwell folk!

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