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Monday, June 8, 2009


Next Monday we are taking all the kids to the Zoo. We are going with the kids cousin Peyton, their Aunt Chelsi, and there Grandma. It should be lots of fun. I can not think of the last time I have been to the Zoo. I vaguely remember going with Francis at some point after high school? Anyways, Madeline especially is really into animals, naming them, and mimicking the certain animals personal sounds. Something all kids go through I think. It will be very interesting to see which animals really excite the kids curiosity, and which ones they will be scared of, if any at all. We are also planning on going to the petting zoo inside. That should be interesting. I hope they enjoy it. As of now they do not have any family pets, and little dogs terrify them.

Atticus has been extra fussy today, and moving his jaw around in awkward movements, so we are assuming he is finally teething, though we have been predicting he has been for months.

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