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Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am bored. I will post some music that I like

Joanna Newsom- 'Sprout and The Bean' Owen showed me her music, when we first moved into this little house I used to listen to it constantly. I used to ride my bike the long way along the Green Belt to work. It was such beautiful music to listen to being out there on the wonderful part of the Green Belt.

Bloc Party- 'One Month Off' Some of their songs I really like, some I don't. This one I like.

Lupe Fiasco- 'Daydreamin' Not the song I wanted, but still a good song. I love Lupe Fiasco.

Regina Spektor- 'Buildings' I love her music, this is off an earlier album that I came across.

Cage- 'I Never Knew You' Also not the song I wanted but still, he is a good artist.

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