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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things to do next week

1.) Ride our bikes into downtown Caldwell.
We drove through downtown Caldwell and it looks just like downtown Boise. The neighborhoods reminded me of the North End in Boise with the look of the houses and all the big trees. From our house we are actually not that far. Downtown Caldwell has the college that used to be Albertsons College but now it is College of Idaho.

2.) Blow up that inflatable pool, again.
I need to blow up the inflatable pool again, and clean it. Then our backyard will look like a crazy play park!

3.) Anchor down the swing set.
The swing set needs secured.

4.) Try again to figure out those sprinklers.
The maintenance people are going to have to come out and fix one of the sprinklers as it was broken and sprays an arch of water across the front yard.

5.) Clean our front porch.
I want so badly to sit and relax on the front porch and watch the kids ride bikes and watch the happenings of the neighborhood. We need to go thrift store shopping when we have the money and find two chairs and a little table. Maybe wicker ones? Definitely old thrifty store ones though. That is a part of the house I can't wait to utilize.

Hmmmm probably many other things, but all I can think of now. Also depends on the weather.

Atticus got a hair cut yesterday. He did not mind the clippers until the point where he got tired of sitting still, then he fussed and squirmed. Still needs a little work.

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