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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last Night.

Earlier in the day the boys next door had been setting off loud crackling fireworks that terrified Noah. Noah has ultra sensitive hearing, he actually does, so things normal or fairly loud to us, are extremely loud to him. Needless to say he did not enjoy these boys fireworks. He will normally tolerate the loud noises but when it is something he is unsure of like fireworks he didn't want to. After watching his reaction we told him we were going to buy some quiet fireworks, and we did. We bought some small fountains, and of course, sparklers.

Before it got dark we tried a fountain with Noah to see his reaction but even the act of me squatting down with a firework put him into a frenzy and he would run inside screaming holding his ears. Poor kid. He enjoyed the sparklers a little bit, until Maddie burnt her finger. We decided to put them to bed earlier, which was actually extremely late for them.

A little neighbor boy ran over with a large box of fireworks asking me to light them. I continued to light them for him, over, and over, and over. He kept getting braver and braver holding them, throwing them, and I did not want to see the kid get hurt on my behalf. I had to tell him 'no more' though I was enjoying it.

Otherwise from our house we could kinda see the large fireworks at Simplot from our front porch. It did not matter, everyone in our neighborhood had super exploding sky fireworks. I thought they were illegal but the firework stands out here sell them, if you want to pay the price. Aubrey and I had fun watching huge fireworks from a few houses over, and the neighbor kids narrowly missing fatality.

Here is a pic of the boy waiting for me.

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