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Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Saturday.

Noah is having a birthday party at our house this coming Saturday, the 25th, at or around 4pm. He is turing four and he is currently really into pretend tools, fire fighter things related, easy video games, and shopping online.

Currently Aubrey is in her classroom taking her health finial and Atticus and I came along since her test should not take too long. After she is done we are going to go straight from here, to go get a few party supplies and snacks for Saturday. Atticus is well behaved and watching all the passerbyer college students. I am bored.

I built a small box for scooter tricks last night. I tried using it a bit last night, and again today. I just don't have that feeling, you know that confident feeling you feel when you know you can accomplish what you are trying to do. I had that feeling the other day towards scootering, maybe it will come back. My right arm is so completly sore, and I do not know if it is from scootering or from holding Atticus perdomitly on one side.

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