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Monday, August 31, 2009


We all went today with Noah to go see his preschool. Noahs step mom Dani met us there as well. We got to talk with the school administrator and the preschool teacher. They both were really nice, and we liked the idea that the teacher was very much into academics, which was great. Noah is very advanced and we wanted him to be in something that has school and not just a four hour play time. The school is very close to his dads house, and the scheduling works out great. I think we are going to get him doing just three days a week, half days, then maybe a full five days a week. Noah really needs it, you can tell he is ready to learn and be challenged mentally more than he gets at home. The school also had a HUGE backyard place with tons for fun looking stuff for when it was play time. They also had a large garden, as part of their schooling involes gardening. All in all Noah is definitly looking forward to it, he was bummed he couldn't stay when we were there today, and it is definitly something he needs.

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