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Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Shirt.

As our mall, cough, Karcher Mall, cough, ewwwww. It is a very depressing place. Don't go there, unless you need cell phone covers, like some creepy test lab nutrition place, or a shirt with Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes Calvin, pissing on a logo. There is however, a place where the carpet is movie theater dirty. Macys Clearance. It is like Ross but a Ross personally made for, or actually from Macys. All the clothing in Macys Clearance is the abandoned, unwanted, awkward sized clothing of regular Macys. I found a SAW WHEAT Sean John plaid winter jacket there, normally $260, it was $65. It would have been my most favorite jacket in the whole wide world. It was a large, and quiet a large large too. I let my fantasizing over it override my realization that it was too big, and was overly disapointed when Aubrey brought me back to reality. I did find this kick ass shirt though for nine dollars.

The Karcher Mall is very depressing though, like I'm not trying to be funny, you should walk through it sometime just for the feeling.


  1. Nice. Not to pick on you or anything, I'm only saying this because I feel like I really did see it, but I swear this shirt is at Target in the kid's section.

  2. haha thanks nut. i like it. the little skulls are embroided on there. it reminded me of those shorts you have with the little crabs