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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What is a good lyric from that math song by the Dedicated Servers I could use?...

I have Math online. It is intermediate math. Which is algebra

I am not really good at math, nor am I terrible. I personally, in my mind, know and feel that I understand algebra. Is that not what is important? I feel my mind, my brain, and my body challenging itself while I learn new math, or practice, re-do old stuff. According to online server, whatever!, it thinks something opposite or this. I see the answers getting solved, I FEEL them getting solved, and it is this I love. In algebra, you always know you have the correct answer because you can use your answer to go backwards through the problem to prove it. I really hope I can pull through, make the online grader, rules!, thing understand and see this.

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  1. What kind of questions are giving you trouble?