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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Working on this house.

Back when I used to work construction, remolding homes, we worked on this huge house out past the dump. There is a small secluded community past the dump called Hidden Springs. Hidden Springs has there own schools, fire department, stores and so on. This house I am talking about was even a few miles past Hidden Springs. The house was built on top of a huge hill, more of a mountain actually. I bring all this up because the house/owner was quite interesting, for something in Boise.

To start out with the house was 6800 square feet. If you have been to parents house, well in comparison, this house is about three of my parents house put together, and they have a fairly large house. The owner of the large house, Watkins, was a hand surgeon, and also a gun nut. The house was four stories tall, the top floor was just a large room with all windows from floor to ceiling, window ceilings too. The room was like a capsule in the night/skylight room. It was an awesome room to stand it. First because you were so high up just from the height of the house, but on top of that the mountain it was built on added to it. The entire second floor was his master bedroom, which was huge. There was an elevator in the master bathroom. The third floor was kitchen/living room/library/office. The shelves in the library reached all the way back up to the second floor, and as I could see some books were nearly unreachable. Five car garage from the kitchen. The bottom floor was where I found things to get interesting. There was a room down there dedicated solely to his thousands of guns, in all varieties. The rest of downstairs was filled with rooms, and hidden, around corners and a maze was a shooting range. This long, narrow, real-life, indoor shooting range. It was crazy! The craziest part was at the very end of the shooting range was a huge circle door that opened up and behind the circle door was a long metal tunnel. If you followed the tunnel(it went for hundreds of feet) it let out in a random, hidden area in a field. He had this installed because he claimed people sometimes came after him and this was a way to escape.

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