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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Owen is LEAVING!

"Give me a ticket for an aeroplane, ain't got time to take the fastest train. My lonely days are GONE I'm goin' HOME, my lonely days are GONE I'm goin' HOME."

In fifth or fourth grade I found a best friend. His name was Owen. We slowly started spending every single day together. He lived right around the corner from me, we had the proximity helping us. We slowly learned we were different but it was the things we shared that drew us together. We both loved to draw. We both loved our bikes, and we both loved to make each other laugh.

We use to use Power Point pictures and add our own captions or dialogue to make one slide comics that I'm convinced would have made us famous were we to do something with them and we were still in Junior High. (Kyles dad puts his fist down for the last time.)

Memorizing every Boys to Men lyric. Laying on his roof and spitting on to the AC. Riding our bikes to the dollar store and spending all our allowance. (I have a tattoo on my chest for those memories!) Spending days on the trampoline, sleeping on it, throwing fruits at cars from it, only getting down to pee.

If I tried to remember every important memory I would be coming back and editing this post for years so I will give up. All the way to the point of us living together and partying it up, dancing on stages, having girls over like crazy. To Owen helping me do the flip and helping my through my sobriety and being there as I invited my wife at the time and her two children to live with him and I. To helping me through my struggle of her cheating ass and the divorce.

Now we are to the point where all good things end or at least come to a break. Owen must depart now, or soon, as he is leaving to be in the Air Force. Maybe I am being dramatic knowing that he will return soon enough, but I remember how it was when he left me years back for Portland for a few months. I had to call him because I drunkenly cracked my head open on a Foldgers can.

Best of luck Owen, and I know you think that when you return I will have some new crazy baby momma and a new baby and I'm going to do my best to prove you right, if only for you.

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