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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A. Felt Heart Apology(remember that?)

They say you don't know what you have till its gone.
But its like, what if you still had it while it was gone?
Now, somehow, you don't have it but it's not really gone.
And if that makes sense you are the one that this is about.
Kinda like loving something and letting it go. If it comes back to
you its yours. I loved it so much and decided to let go,
when it came back and let me know it loved me and it was mine
I ended up forgetting how the saying went and what to do with the said item.
That is your heart fighting your brain. And your penis tricking your brain,
which somehow effects your heart, and how it thinks.
And if that makes sense you are forcing puzzle pieces together that don't
fit because that didn't really make sense to begin with.
And forced puzzle pieces is maybe what we were
yet we made a picture outside of what the box wanted.

Sometimes it different day to day.
Hour to hour
minute to minute,
text to text.
That little red flashing light could be anybody
yet its a smart phone, it knows that red means stop and flashing
means proceed with caution.

I won't say you never tried
but you can't say that I didn't try first.
I won't blame you for your decision
but don't blame me for mine that I made first.
You say you still love me but
is it because I said it first?

It all started the same way it ended.

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  1. keep writing. some days its the only way i can spit it out. - a. (felt) elliott