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Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday I took Atticus over to my friends Sam and Codys house for their Fourth of July Bar-B-Q. They have a young son a few months older than Atticus that is Atticus' best friend, Noble. On the way there Atticus was being quite while I was driving around slowly to keep the soda from rolling everywhere. I looked back and saw that he had put his sunglasses on by himself and was doing his best to look cool.
Matt, Lubi, Peanut, Dani, The Doyles, The Doyles dogs, Ammobox, Ms Abbie, J-Radio, and Tom were all able to make it. Cody cooked some good burgers, Atticus chowed down on hotdogs, then chowed down on Nobles hot dogs. The three dogs wore each other out, while I held the longest time spent as Kings Court on Blonco Ball. Atticus was super well behaved, and kept everyone entertained. Throughout the whole night Noble was walking around with Sam and Codys camera taking random pictures the entire time(Some of the pictures below are ones I stole from his portfolio). Once it was time for fireworks, which was much past Atticus bedtime, he was still chipper and in a good mood. Though he was not such a fan, he was not terrified of the fireworks but you could tell he was visibly nervous. He was only comfortable watching them having me or Abbie hold him or watching them from the safety of the bed of J-Radios truck. All-in-all it was a great time, thank you to Sam and Cody, and thanks to Atticus for being such a great boy. He is growing up, becoming my best friend, my sidekick.

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  1. Kyle - thanks for educating me about the blog. Now I can check it out. Wonderful pictures of the boys . . . they remind me so much of Matt and Jared growing up together. Fun. - Michelle D