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Friday, July 16, 2010


Well it is the weekend almost. I am bored at work hoping this guy testing gets done soon so I can go home early. Taking Atticus over to his mom-o's for her weekend with him then heading over to Lindsays and picking her and her bike up for a nice lil' bike ride this evening, maybe end up at the Dedicated Servers show. Also we might float the river this weekend!, which I haven't done since like high school.

School ends for me the end of this month for the semester and the next semester doesn't start till the end of August. I also might not have work during August, we are trying to figure that out currently. Either way I have been looking for stuff for Atticus and I to do because we will have so much free time in August. I already have plans to take him to Discovery Center because my boss can get me free tickets, and to a pool called Ivy Wild. On the 29th of July Sam, Cody, Peanut and I are taking him and Noble to Roaring Springs too! So I am currently looking for other August activities for a two year old to do because we will be bored otherwise.

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