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Saturday, July 10, 2010


So I have been doing work study work at my school. I am working almost everyday, then have class somedays, or two classes in a day, so I have been busy. I work close to home now though so I rush home to see Atti and eat in between class and work or on my lunch breaks at work. I work in the assessment testing center where students come in to take the Compass Exam to place them in their Math and English classes if they have really old high school transcripts or none at all.
Tomorrow I am hopefully meeting up with Peanuts sister to interview her about the birthing practices in Loas for my huge Anthropology term paper. I am looking forward to the interview but not to writing this paper.
The other day my mom was walking down the stairs of the deck and one of the two by fours broke out from under her and she fell down the rest of the stairs and bruised up her leg pretty bad. So this weekend Atticus and I helped Grandpa tear off the rest of the steps while Grandpa painted new ones then I installed them. I really enjoyed it, I miss working with wood and doing demolition and construction since I did it for a few years right after high school and haven't really done it since(By 'Atticus helping' I meant he played in the truck, napped, and ran around the yard).

My sister came over today and went shopping with my mom and came back with those diapers that look like jeans. Atticus is now nite-nite while I am SUPPOSED to be doing homework, waiting for Lindsay to text me so we can go pop wheelies downtown!

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