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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dedicated Servers @ Boise Curb Cup 2

Today Atticus and I went and picked up his friend and my friend, Noble and his mommy Samantha to go downtown to watch our other friends preform in the second annual Curb Cup. My friends are in a hip hop group known as the Dedicated Servers. The Curb Cup is an event where many different artist in all types of genres preform on the streets downtown. There were graffiti artist, comedians, impersonators, magicians, and plenty of musicians. The spectators are given three wooden chips to vote for their favorite acts with.

Atticus did really well, he did a lot of people watching from his stroller and eventually got restless and danced around, almost getting chips of his own! His mom-o and her boyfriend were there with their family and stopped to say hello and I think Atticus was not expecting that and he got embarrassed when he realized they were all watching him dance. (I wanna say here as a side note that I am glad Atticus' mother and I can remain civil and good co-parents. It has been a twisty winding road but I feel that for the most part and given the way things are we have a understanding and nature for Atticus' benefit. I have some friends that have children they share with a parent that they are not with and they do not have a relationship where they even communicate about the child or they have no idea what is going on in the childs life when the child is with the other parent. For instance I have a friend and he was trying to potty train his child and had no idea if his childs mother was potty training when the child was with her or not. That does not seem beneficial at all. I am glad that Aubrey and I can still communicate about Atticus and agree on most things re-guarding his life. I know that if I have something I want to ask her of him or something I want to tell her about him that she will be open and understanding and I am sure she knows things are the same way for her coming to me. There may be days when I do not really want to see her, but that is my own personal feelings that I must keep to myself and not let effect Atticus or his relationship with either of his parents. They are probably feelings I should overcome and for the most part have. Anyways, I am rambling but I kind of have had that realization over the past few weeks.) Atticus finally got tired of dancing and at this point it was 4pm and he had not napped. I told Sam that we were going to leave and she said that was fine because she was getting a ride with her husband. Once we had walked all the way back to the car it only took about a mile of driving before he was knocked out asleep in his car seat.

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