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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


After workouts Cody keeps a detailed journal of what we did; how many reps, how much weight, and how long it took us to do so. This may not seem important but it came in handy today to show us our improvement. A good majority of the workouts we do are timed, making you want to do them as speedy as possible to get a best possible time. These type of workouts are typically low to medium weight, lots of repetitions, with multiple rounds. Well, back in the beginning of February when I had just barely started working out we did a workout that called for 20 x KTE's (a KTE stands for knees to elbows, and it is where you hang from a pull up bar and bring your knees up to your elbows. It works your abs and core very strenuously), 20 x swings @ 35 pounds (a swing is where you hold a dumb bell by one side with both hands, center it in between your legs and swing it up above you head. It works your core, arms, back, pretty much everything) 20 x squats (we have a cooler that we squat down to, only using our body weight as resistance) and 20 x push press @ 65 pounds(a push press is where you hold a bar against your chest and push it upwards above your head till your arms lock out). We did all those at 20 times each, three rounds. When I did this workout originally back in February it took me 16:33. That was moving and working non stop at a rate as fast as I could at the time with as few breaks or rests as possible. Granted, you have to take a break and rest for a few seconds here and there but you try and do that as little as possible to better your time. Well today, about seven months later, after working out almost daily over the past few months, the same exact workout only took me 9:14! I shaved more than seven minutes off my time. It is amazing to see progress, and think about how in that little about of time, how seven minutes is such a huge difference. I just like to look back and look at progress like this. I am not trying to be some super huge muscle meat head dusche bag, I just really needed a hobby when I started working out. I needed something active, something to wear me down, something to let me push myself and let out and vent. Working out relieved all those things and I have stuck with it, and now look forward to my times in Codys garage.

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