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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Atticuless this Weekend. / Ironic Hipster

Friday night went to dinner. Then some scrabble. Saturday I got to sleep in, something that very rarely happens. It was nice. Workout, then Owen and I ran around downtown, which was boring in the beginning but in the end we made it fun. Seeing 'look-a-likes' and having Owen drunkenly taking pictures of random people. Ran into a ton of friends and caught up with them and saw a totally dork rapper perform about BSU. This morning I woke up early and headed to Capitals track with Cody and Peanut to do something called Thrusters Run. It was basically a mixture of doing thrusters and running straight. I laid on Sam and Codys couch for a while after that one as I did not want to get up. Got some Subway and headed home. Took a nap. All Atticusless, and I am missing him. I am heading out here soon to go pick him up. I am not sure what his and I's plans are this week, but Grandpa has all this week off so I will not have to worry about sitters when I have class which will be nice. I think Cody and Noble also have a few days off this week so I am sure we will go over there a few times this week. Then this upcoming weekend Atti and I are going to go see our friends perform in their big show for the Fall for Boise. Back up singers, fire dancers, live band, everyone dressed up in black-n-white. I think I am going to dress up and dress Atti up in his tux as well. Then I think we MIGHT carve his pumpkin this week or weekend but I don't want it to go bad early so I am not sure.


So for whatever reason I see tons of hipster type guys downtown wearing the Pittsburgh Pirates hat, the all black one with a yellow 'P'.
I get the impression they do not care for sports, let alone even know the sports team or even the sport the team they are reppin' plays. I am no sports fanatic but I know the Pirates were the worst scoring team this year, right below the Mariners. I may only know that because I have a Mariners fan as a friend but that is besides the point. This is all besides the point actually. For whatever reason it is a trendy downtown type hipster guy thing to wear the hat. Now, I am not saying I am not a hipster but I one up you!! Like all the time!!!! Oh WTF?

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