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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boy Yoi

Last night I surprisingly got a decent amount of homework done at the coffee shops downtown with Nut and Owen. This morning I went and picked up Atticus from his over-night at his mom-o's and took him home to play. Nap time arrived, so I set up my homework to finish, and was ready to relax, finish it, enjoy a cold La Croix and do a bit of online shopping perhaps. Well Atticus felt he was not tired. He was just talking, loudly, in his crib. I gave him a few opportunities but he was not yielding to the cousin of death, sleep. "Fine, we are going shopping." We went to go buy daddies protein supplements then we went grocery shopping. He was well behaved to my surprise after a skipped nap. When we got home I cooked a late lunch and grandma came home to watch him as I was off to math class. After math Atti and I went to Ross and TJ Maxx while he insisted on wearing the promotional hat Grandpa brought home the entire time we were out.

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