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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Clothes Dancing.

This morning Atticus and I carved his pumpkin, which he pronounces 'bumpkit'. I think the last two times, I am not sure but I know I did once, I carved the kids pumpkins with my saws all. It makes it much easier, those little annoying saws with the tiny blades they sell with pumpkin carving kits always break. Well, as you will be able to see in the first video, Atticus either disliked the saw or disliked the idea of me cutting into his pumpkin. Eventually he was okay with me carving his pumpkin while he chilled and played in the seeds and pumpkin guts. He took a nap, and after nap we got ready to go see our friends the Dedicated Servers perform in Fall for Boise. I dressed up in a tie and I dressed Atticus up in something that I would wear, but we had out matching Vans on. We went and picked up our friend Ammo first and went into the mall. In the store Crazy 8's I found him a sweet corduroy sports coat, though it is a bit big. I then saw an awesome all red cardigan, one that I personally would wear. They did not have it in his size but after looking around I realized that the XL size in the big kids section would fit me. Nice. After having the girl search for it in a smaller size she was very confused why I was buying it in their biggest size. Fall for Boise was awesome; fire dancers, the Dedicated Servers had female back up dancers, a live band, there were also rope artists, just tons of stuff all going on synchronized into one show. Attics was STRUNG OUT. Everyone kept asking me if I gave him Nodoz on the way there. He danced and danced the entire night, then ran circles around our group when we hung out after the show. We then went back and hung out with our friends for pizza and he stayed fully active up until 10:30/11 when I brought him home and got him to bed.

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