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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shopping and Trucks.

Atticus spent the night at his mothers last night and I went to get him after my Social Problems class this morning. She asked if we all wanted to go thrift storing so we went to Savers. Atticus tried on Halloween hats while Aubrey shopped around. I found Atticus some snow boots for the winter if it ever snows! I then took Atticus home and cooked up some good dinner, cuts of steak, eggs, spinach, and green beans all fried together. After we ate we went up the street to see the big trucks at work, they are tearing up the street to work on the sewer system or something. He sat there quietly in his stroller and watched the 'big trucks' move the dirt around and tear up the ground. All the construction people waved at us. I then went to workout but left him behind with Grandma because Noble is sickly. Atticus got to go shopping with her for his soon to come cousin since my sister found out the sex of her baby today, a girl. Tomorrow is a busy day, we are going to go visit a friend that is going to be sitting for me, maybe see Owen who is coming back in a few hours, and then go to at least a few of the three Dedicated Servers shows tomorrow.

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