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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This morning Atticus and I went and picked up his mom-o and took him to get his two year check-up. All went well, he weighs 34 pounds! He got two shots in the leg at the same time and didn't even cry. His cousin Peyton came and met us at the appointment so her mom could go to work then we all went out to go get lunch. A lady walked in with lots of kids and started spouting off orders to her play children like a drill Sergent. She was not mean or anything, just talking fast. I mentioned to Aubrey, 'She sounds like a drill Sergent,' and the lady must have heard me because she turned to us and mentioned about after having children for 13 years you learn how to handle them. I felt like an idiot. Anyways, it was nice a nice lunch and a nice check up.

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