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Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, like I said earlier class was canceled today due to a power outage. I was thinking of skipping anyways, so be careful what you wish for. So instead of class/sitter for Atticus and I we went and met our friends at Starbucks. Our usual morning routine, I love's my free coffee and Atticus loves to flirt with the girls. Noble, Sam, Cody and even Ammo, for a bit, came and joined us. Atticus and I went back home and he napped while I did homework/watched South Park. After nap we went and played in the garage. I took a random video of that, as I decided I am going to be doing much more often; take random videos of my life and upload them to YouTube. We then went grocery shopping at Winco for their great prices and we got tons of good healthy food.
On a side note I have become quite the good cook. Like, really good I think. Also, Atticus has been in great moods, full of energy and just happy and for the most part well behaved. He has also been sleeping better and this has kind of happened around the time I started giving him almond milk instead of cow's milk. He use to be allergic to cow's milk, or his little body just couldn't process it or something. He had seemed to have gotten better but I think this almond milk gives him no irritation at all so he just is happier and able to sleep better as well. Cody and Sam pointed out how full of energy and happy he has seemed and I noted his better sleeping and Cody, and his diet knowledge, suggested it was the almond milk so...probably? Cow's milk is made for cows.
So after grocery shopping I cooked a good ass dinner. Put him down to bed.

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