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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday Atticus stayed home with Grandpa when I went into class because Grandpa has this week off from work. After Atticus' nap and after I got home from class we went to Noble and Cody's house to workout with Owen and Cody. Atticus hung out in the garage and was actually well behaved. After workout we went grocery shopping and we made the switch from cows milk to almond milk. I mean, cows milk is made for cows, not humans. We would just quit drinking milk all together but Atticus needs his calcium and I just like mixing it with my shakes. I also got Atticus a pair of Elmo slippers.

This morning we went into Starbucks to see our friends and Owen also came to join us. Atticus brought tons of Hot Wheels as always, and was a very good boy, even though we stayed for awhile. Owen kept putting the Hot Wheels in Atticus' hood, and Atticus would jump around and hear the cars and feel them back there in his hood and he thought that was just hilarious. I then went into math class while Atti stayed with Grandma and she took him for a walk. After class Atti and I went to the Dollar Store because I had a candy jonesing. Atticus got a new truck too. Then we came home and made Grandpa a birthday card for Grandpa's birthday tomorrow. Atticus also got to take his other new toy to bed.

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