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Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesterday morning Atticus and I were sitting around relaxing when Grandma called because she needed something she left behind at home. So we had to run some things over to her at work. Atticus got to come inside and see where Grandma works and got to meet her co-workers, again. After leaving there we heading to our favorite store in the mall, Crazy 8 to do some shopping. I found him a nice pair of dark grey jeans just like I have, so we have matching ones now! I also got him a really sweet like sweater/cardigan jacket thing. I didn't find anything for me, though the manager remembered me from last time when I bought their kids clothes in my size, for me haha.

After shopping it was nap time, and after nap he got to go out with Grandma and his Aunt NeNe while I went to workout. I had to leave him behind because his best friend Noble was sick and he may had been contagious.

This morning Atticus and I went and saw all our friends at Starbucks for coffee and juice. Owen came in and met us too. After hanging out there for awhile the three of us headed into the Library, and Atticus showed me all the things he gets to do with his Aunt Chelsi and cousin Peyton when they go there and I go to class. He is now down to nap and I am now at class, and should probably be paying attention.

I am not sure what our plans are this weekend, but my friend Renee and I talked about taking our kiddo-s to Monkey Business, which we may do soon! I have been wanting to go into there for ages now. Atticus goes to his moms on Monday for the day, while I am off to go get the new Kanye West albummmmmmm!!!!!!! Good music! And whatever else comes Mondayyyyyy!

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