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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Well, like I said earlier, I got that job! I am very excited. The hours will be perfect, 20-32 hours a week, I pick my own schedule with a few restrictions. So mostly I am going to get my 16 hours in on Saturday and Sunday working two 8 hour days those days when Atticus can either stay with my parents or it will be a weekend that he goes to his moms. Then on Mondays while Atticus is at his moms house, I will get my other 4 hours to complete my minimum of 20 hours a week, if not working a few more to get up to 32 hours. The rest of the week will be time spent with Atticus and school work, so everything should workout well, even with next semesters schedule. So I am excited. My friend Ammobox will be one of my bosses, though he has already warned me that he is not going to be my friend there and that I am not going to like him as a boss. I know a few other girls that work there too, so I am pretty excited to start working there, to start earning some extra money. I start my training this next week and have sitters all set up, and am ready to go!

With training starting this next week I also have some group projects for class next week, it is the week before finals, so all combined this is going to be a hectic week. Excited to do some online Christmas shopping for friends, family, and myself! Lindsay returns this next weekend again too, and she asked for a shopping partner when she returns.

Yesterday I went to class while Atticus stayed back with Grandpa. Grandma and Grandpa really wanted to take him to their work Christmas dinner, so he was off with them for the evening to exchange white elephant gifts and eat. I got to stay home in peace and quiet and get some work done, like getting everyones address for a surprise! Our Kidrobot package also arrived yesterday, so now Atti has a tee just like dad! I then went and hung out with a friend last night and had a blast.

As for today? Planning for tomorrow, grocery shopping, and I think I am going to some show tonight with Owen and hopefully one of the 5 girls I invited to be my date.

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