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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life is Good.

I am selling stuff on eBay like crazy. Buy stuff, wear it for a few weeks or months, then turn around and sell it sometimes making a profit! I bought myself an all wood watch for Christmas. I took it to three places to get it sized and got turned down, 'no way, I am not risking it and working on that thing' till I found an old lady would tried and broke it. I took it home and tediously fixed and sized it myself.

Atticus' new Kidrobot tee came and so did my hats and Ammos stuff. Styling little boy!

After taking two weeks off for the holidays from eating healthy and working out, I have slowly been getting back into it. Atticus and I went shopping this week for our healthy meals. The workout plans have changed a bit from what we use to do, not so much more Crossfit and Gym Jones as we did before, now more P90X stuff and body building stuff. I am excited to get back into working out and exercising, hope that my schedule allows it.

I have been getting back into reading, forgot how much I miss it. At work I have it down to were I can read bit while working. I just need to find some books to read, ask my friend Blake whats up there, fellow book worm. Otherwise I am re-reading books, starting with Jesus' Son which I started this morning(read it, it is amazingly written.).

I am so grateful to have a job and be working, and such. It seems to be working out and I am meeting a lot of new cool people through the job. It is nice to get a pay check, one that is not unemployment, and to be busy working after not for two years. Also, my dad is retiring this month so I might think about adding on a few hours here or there at work since he will be home to watch that Toady boy.

I am so grateful that I am only taking one class this semester. Oh my god am I thankful for that. Not so excited that it is math.

Atticus goes to his moms for the weekend tomorrow, I have my cousin Leannes wedding this Saturday!

Sam and I met at the mall this week to let our boys play in the new area at the mall, which was tons of fun. Otherwise so far Atticus and I have had a pretty low key week, running some errands, visiting people and such.

So life is good, I am happy, enjoying this new year. Deal with it!

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