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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Atticusless Weekend.

Friday, I went into work, my new added day to my schedule. Atticus stayed back with Grandpa and then his mom came and picked him up as it is her weekend with him. Right after work I went with my friend Matt and went to our good old friend Zelenys for a bit. Afterwords I went and met up with friends downtown, and had some friends from work come with us, they had friends come, we kept bumping into people, and we had a fun night, catching up with people, meeting friends. Ran into my friend Kidbeats who is going to let me shadow him on working out. I am pretty excited to follow him, see what he does in exercise and clash it with what we do at Codys. Help him rep his new business, Real Big Fitness.

Work all day Saturday, workout, then Peanut and I went to Savvys with our friend Samantha and her friends for her birthday. Peanut and I performed 'The Good Life' by Kanye West, well, Peanut performed and I was his backup, but it was some fun karaoke. Afterwords I went and partied with my friend, miss hot shit she thinks she izzzz!

Work today, then got off early for the Super Bowl, where we all went to our friend Matts parents house and chilled and ate. I totally wrecked my diet. Fun times hanging out there all night and eating, drinking soda though, mmmm. I think I drank more soda tonight than I have in the past two months. Now rap party with Nut, Matt, and Mr. Double U.

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