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Monday, February 28, 2011


I have been slow with the updating. I will go from today in reverse.

A co-worker told Atticus she liked his t-shirt and cardigan and he lifted his foot and said; 'What about my shoes?' I got a random day off today, and it's a payday, yes! Atticus spent the night at his moms last night, and I had a friend over watching our favorite TV shows and playing online all night. Saturday night we all went to a big Mardi Gras house party. After that boy went to bed Brooke and I went and picked up all my drunk ass friends who were pregaming it. We then all crammed into cars, found our way out to the party. Fridge full of jello shots, and me drinking my O'douls. Some guy wanted to fight me because he decided he didn't want me to have Brooke, but I got good friends to watch over me, because I ain't about to fight over something trivial, when I have a two year old who needs me. Peanut came in like a rap star handing out tickets to the next DS show with Codys help. We all ended up back at my good friend Sam and Codys, for a fun time, with Brooke, Nut and Owen chowing down on fondue that Sam had made earlier, with everyone getting regretfully drunker, but good jokes, stories and memories. It was a fun night.

Took Atticus into Pojos earlier in the week. He ran around like crazy, loving every minute of it and I could hardly keep up with him. Few days before that my cousin Ryann and her son Caleb treated Atticus and I to an evening at Monkey Business. Atticus straight wore himself out trying to keep up with four year old Caleb. We have gone to story time every Wednesday, and have gone shopping at the mall/play area in the mall too a few times. Busy, busy.

I have been reading tons at work, found another two authors that I fell in love with. Been loving my iPhone, got a few games on there that Atticus just loves, and loaded an entire Elmo movie on there for him too. Excited for my case, patiently waiting for it to get made and shipped. I downloaded a checkbook application which I think will be very helpful, among many others I found useful. Bought some stocks, putting money into Atticus' 529 and opened a savings with ING Direct. Good things happening. Not sure what Atticus and I have planned all week, but I have the week off and we have each other. I got a new math teacher starting tomorrow night, and we might go visit Brooke at work to get that boy a haircut and get me some discounted cologne!

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